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Oracle调优笔记 | 甲骨文OAECIT人才培训中心-上海海文 Select class, count FROM v$waitstat Where class LIKE '%undo%'; 5.3 大事务指定回滚段(提交后结束): sys@ORA11G(> set transaction use rollback segment "_Syssmu1_1193229161$"; DeadLock in Oracle Database ... ... *** 2013-02-11 03:01:37.846 *** Session ID:(25.18) 2013-02-11 03:01:37.846 Undo Segment 11 Onlined *** 2013-02-11 08:41:27.866 Undo Segment 19 Onlined *** 2013-02-16 08:46:16.482 Undo Segment 134 Onlined *** 2013-02-16 09:55:31.314 … Useful Complete guide on Oracle Enqueue and locks

Agreed. A TX is really a transaction enqueue or transaction lock. I sort of danced around saying it, when I said "....points to a specific undo segment, slot and sequence, which is the very essence or definition of a TX lock.", but I didn't really come out and say it, but it's what I was thinking.

RDBMS-- an unusual ORA-01555 ... At the top of the data block we have an area used to link active transactions to a rollback segment (the 'tx' part), and the rollback segment header has a table that stores information upon all the latest transactions that have used that rollback segment. ... Oracle then uses the data block header to look up the ... Insufficient ITL Slots Tips - Burleson Oracle Consulting Detecting Insufficient ITL Slots. Oracle keeps track of rows that are locked per transaction in a storage area at the top of each data block called the Interested Transaction List (ITL). Two parameters, initrans and maxtrans, control the number of ITL slots in any block for an object within Oracle.

Segment Transaction Slot Internals Search BC Oracle Sites Home E-mail Us Oracle Articles New Oracle Articles ... primary key violation). In that case, you would also see an additional TX lock on a rollback segment from the session that is waiting; for ITL waits, this TX lock on the rollback segment would not be seen. Needless to say, this is a rather convoluted and inaccurate way to diagnose the ITL waits in pre-Oracle9i Release 2 versions. What INITRANS Value is Optimal. Conversely, how do ...

Oracle 在每个Rollback segment header中保存了一个transaction table,包括了每个rollback segment中包含的事务信息,rollback segment header的活动控制了向rollbak segment写入被修改的数据。 ... Rollback segment header里的Transaction slot被重用; ... 处于非活动状态时可以删除,如果有对处于 ...

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Because the transaction slot has been overwritten, Oracle can infer that the transaction has committed, which (in this case) is all it cares about.One example provided by Jonathan Lewis, Oracle applied 1395 undo records to create a single readconsistent copy of the undo segment header. Oracle Apps DBA & SYSADMIN: How to Monitor Undo… Starting from release 9i oracle introduced Automatic Undo Management to help DBAs and Developers to cope with ORA-01555: snapshot too old error. Ofcourse you can't completely avoid ORA-01555 error but you can tweak some parameters with Automatic Undo Management along with application code... Undo Management and Undo Tablespace | Undo Retention... Oracle supports two types of Undo management, Manual Undo Management and Auto Undo Management. In manual management, undo data is kept in rollback segments. When new database is created, oracle creates one rollback segments in system tablespace. Instance Tuning Using Performance Views For example, the following example groups statements that differ only after the first 60 bytes.